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Enhance Wealth is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years of strength and knowledge in delivering financial services. Scott McKeown is an Authorised Representative of Wealthsure Financial Services Pty Ltd AFSL 326450 and has a strong community focus and social principles.

Partnered with a professional team of industry specialists, our advisers promise to enhance the financial knowledge of the community by empowering individuals, families and the business savvy investor alike, with the use of tailored planning strategies that are designed to make everyone’s future choices easier and will drive all to take action and “ENHANCE” our lives.

Once you have the knowledge to make informed decisions you often become empowered to improve your current situation. Partnering yourself with Enhance Wealth is an important step towards empowering you and your family to enhance you current financial situation. Working with you and others within your community provides us all with the pleasure to generously contribute to deserving local and international charities and groups, providing hand-ups to help our community further.      

Enhance Wealth’s strong business ethics see all our Financial Planners easily adhere to the strict requirements of our industry’s compliance and service policies. Our experienced Financial Planners are all authorized representatives of WealthSure Financial Services Pty Ltd and are qualified to tailor a wide range of specialised strategies and implement financial plans to suit both personal and business needs.

Call Enhance Wealth NOW on 1300 393 258 for your introduction to the team!
Call Enhance Wealth NOW on 1300 393 258
for your free introduction to the team!


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