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Scott McKeown, co-founder of the family owned and operated financial planning practice, Enhance Wealth, has been dedicated to planning for families and business owners for over 6 years. After his time with one of the largest privately owned Licence Holders in Australia, he says this is his way to “help individuals and small businesses to realise their potential”.

Scott has a remarkable reputation as an ethical, passionate and sought after adviser. He truly believes in providing a professional service and maintaining a long-term relationship with continued and valued advice. Scott likes to, more typical, be recognised as devoted to his family and friends and tells me “I feel great pride in my loyalty to those that are close to me and enjoy entertaining new friends and visitors every chance I get”.

When you speak with Scott, you get a genuine sense of community spirit and the desire for teamwork. Having spent many years in the sporting arena, performing at local, state and national levels, Scott explains that “pressures come from so many different and unexpected avenues. The euphoria of success is sweet to taste, but can be fleeting. Where the pain of failure can last a lifetime”. Scott finds that with the discipline and guidance that a good coach or adviser delivers, the taste of success is drawn closer and naturally leaves failure and regret behind. 

Scott is an Authorised Representative of Wealthsure Financial Services Pty Ltd AFSL 326450.

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