Market volatility can be driven by a number of different factors working together or even opposing one another. Either way it can result in quality stocks being priced quite cheaply. Buying during these times can mean better returns in a short term investment strategy, however carries a higher risk than making informed investment decisions over a longer time-frame. Both superannuation and non-super investment strategies can benefit from maintaining their investment throughout the investment cycle and getting money into the appropriate asset class when that asset may be undervalued by the market.

There are countless personal issues and influences to take into account to determine your suitability to any type of investment and whether it is suitable for you to use a lump sum investment or ongoing smaller amounts comes down to your own personal situation and cashflows. Your Enhance Wealth advisers are experts in helping you considering your own personal influences when making any investment decisions and have extensive experience with the numerous strategies to consider.

  •  Dividend Re-Investment
  •  Portfolio Rebalancing
  •  Borrowing to Invest
  •  Agri-Business
  •  Investing within trust structures
  •  Dollar Cost Averaging
  •  Investment Gearing (Positive -v- Negative)
  •  Debt Reduction / Recycling
  •  Aqua-Business
  •  Investing for future generations
 . . . . . . . . . . . the list goes on.
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